Who we are

I.Brand was born as an innovative and unique brand in its proposal, which aims to meet the needs of the new fashion consumer. Under the tutelage of the stylist Isadora Rodrigues, the brand brings concepts of authenticity and trends landmarks, including in its creations, versatility and commercial viability.


Creation is a channel in which sensitivity can take shape, in design and image. In the finished clothes, the touch and the sensation. Fashion is about what covers the body, so we are about people; so fashion is behavior and identification, it is very cultural. Every day when people dress there is an opportunity for satisfaction.

Nowadays people don't want to buy clothes just because they have to dress or on impulse, but they look for an attitude and personality that reflect their thoughts and behavior. That is why I.Brand is contemporary, for following the interests of the public, for differentiating who uses it, for its unique style and positioning.

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Who is I.Brand's 'I'

                Isadora Rodrigues is someone who believes in Art as essence and destination, and fashion is a route between them.

           Committed to this segment, she decided to pursue her studies in the area, graduating in Fashion Design with a specialization in Product Development from University Center Senac São Paulo. She had a prominent process in creation, as in contests and other studies of the area. At this point, her interest in oriental culture was already emerging, as shown by becoming a scientific researcher certified by CNPq (Nacional Center of Research) through a Scientific Initiation Project.

             Giving more strength to her creativity, Isadora had study Essential Fashion Design at the Marangoni Institute in Milan, simultaneously at the university, in addition to working with marketing consultancy, which brings a lot of balance to her early career.

            She ends up completely returning to fashion, when she starts working for large Brazilian brands, where she had the opportunity to travel and expand his horizons beyond the Old World and good Latin America, the Orient was his destination.

               After years of working with product development for other brands, the fashion designer decides to reconnect with her own concepts, and, in search of authenticity, decides to create I. Brand.

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Jarla Zimmer

                 Jarla Zimmer is a person who values communication, and the way we dress is one of the most constant and intense ways of communicating, it is personal expression.

She started her career in Fashion when she became a model at the age of 17. She participated in the assembly of large catwalks as a test model, where she could have an idea of the construction of a garment. From that moment on she was absolutely involved in this universe.

                 She lived in Milan, where she had the opportunity to work with renowned brands, such as Moschino and Cloé, participating in catwalks and showrooms, among others.

                 She traveled extensively and when she returned to Brazil, she decided to follow her path directed again to “communicate”. She graduated from the Theater, and as an actress, crossed the paths between Communication and Art.

                She has always had the desire to undertake. Fashion was already intrinsic in its path, a brand would not be an accident. When she was determined to pursue this idea, she discovered I. Brand, still germinating, and her future partner, Isadora, with whom she spent, in a very short time, sharing all the steps of this endeavor.

               Now, she climbs with Isadora, every day, to reinvent and propose a fashion brand that is close and engaged, with authenticity and comfort.